The Wholeness Care Project

The Wholeness Care Project Vision

The Athens College of Ministry, in cooperation with faculty from the University of Georgia, local health care professionals and local church leadership is proposing a 3-year study of the impact of a local faith/health network on the improvement of whole person care.  Our vision is to: create a network, provide appropriate training to the network care providers, study the effects, adjust the network based on the findings, and ultimately, to create a sustainable model that can be replicated across the globe.  See below for more details about the project.
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More About Wholeness Care


Leading Causes of Death

Adapted from a diagram by Dr. Randy Johnson, Marquette County Health Department, the following infographic by Dr. Deborah Huckaby depicts a relationship between physical, mental/emotional and spiritual aspects of a human being.

The Root Causes

We know that there are many root causes to sickness and disease.  Through the Wholeness Care Project, one of our goals is to help individuals identify and eradicate those roots.

Project Leadership

The Principal Investigators of this 3-year study will be:

Co-Principal Investigator, Dr. Ronald Blount, Professor, Clinical Psychology, The University of Georgia
Ph.D., West Virginia University;
Responsibilities: Direct, inform, and interpret the project’s data collection and analysis.

Co-Principal Investigator, Dr. Juliet Nabbuye Sekandi, Assistant Professor, Center for Global Health, The University of Georgia
Ph.D., The University of Georgia, Epidemiology;
M.D., Mbarara University of Science and Technology, Uganda;
Responsibilities: Liaise project with network physicians, oversee health care-related project training, participate in the development of data collection protocols and data analysis, connect the project to the global health network.

The Project Advisory Board will consist of local and national leadership including:
Dr. Marcia Wilbur, President, Athens College of Ministry
Rev. Tommy Hays – Executive Director of Messiah Ministries
Ms. Cheryl Wunsch, Manager of Faith Community Nursing and Faith Community Network
Mrs. Mary Cooper, Faith Community Nurse Navigator
Ms. Sandi Harding