Testimonies from Prayer Ministry Recipients

Prayer Ministry Making a Difference in People’s Hearts & Lives

See below the stunning comments from Prayer Ministry recipients.  Jesus is indeed making a difference in people’s lives–healing broken hearts and undoing enemy lies about our identity in Christ!  Praise the Lord!

+I am so blessed by this ministry. How amazing – Y’alls obedience and perseverance is going to bless so many people and already is doing so! Thank You, Jesus! Thank you,(Prayer Minister)!

+I was deeply impacted by realizing, or being reminded that God has a purpose for everything in my life. I am not a mistake and He is using all my experiences to bring Him glory.

+I was beyond blessed by the prayer ministry I received as my Prayer Minister led me into the heart of the Father & Jesus. So much healing and freedom came from my time here. Thank you!
I wanted to be rid of all fear in my life. I realized thru (Prayer Minister) that fear is what drives me to God, the absence of fear is NOT what I should want but to quickly run to God with it and lay it down at His feet knowing He can and will take care of me. I believe I will be processing all this in the weeks and months to come and God has only begun to free me and do His work in my life. I have experienced peace. Thank you and God bless.

+I was so blessed today by how receptive you are to His calling and your ability to hear His voice. I have had a very strange peace today and maybe only a twinge of pain here and there but nothing like my daily normal. I am much more aware of FEELING loved by Him directly vs. through other people. I am looking forward with much expectation to receive MORE love and for complete wholeness!

+I came to Prayer Ministry to be rid of fear in my life. I feel alone, insecure, and can’t trust people. God has begun to free me and do this work in my life. Thank you.

+During my session I experienced breaking down walls of judgment. Extremely enjoyable experience. Very helpful!

+I am so thankful for the chance to listen to what the Lord is teaching me and what He has been trying to teach me for many years. He revealed to me many truths about my self-sufficiency, and He is trying to dig up truths and lies in my life in order to ultimately glorify Him.

+I just got to listen to Jesus affirm the truth of how much He comes and desires me.

+We all feel blessed with you and (prayer minister) as the Holy Spirit led all of us to do His will.

+My session was really a miracle breakthrough for me.

+God has healed me of a traumatic memory from my childhood. I’ve never been able to understand God’s peace and resting His love before now. Praise you Lord! Thank you ACMin Prayer Ministry Team!

+I heard several things from the Holy Spirit that I will use as I walk through my daily life.

+I feel like I really had breakthrough in the area of forgiveness and was blessed by our time together.

+I appreciate the Prayer Ministry using a variety of tools during prayer. I was deeply touched by (Prayer Minister’s) willingness to submit to the Holy Spirit during my prayer time. She helped me break off generational worry. She also encouraged me to open my hands as I pray. Very touching!

+I came in with fear and anxiety, but after exponsing the source and replacing lies with God’s truth, I left with a new, complete, stable sense of peace and my identity!