Prayers for Today

During these challenging days, seeking the LORD for our answers and being faithful in prayer are the most important things we can do!
Below is a small selection of verses to encourage you in the LORD and a pair of prayers for you to offer. “The prayers of a righteous person are powerful and effective!”  (James 5:16) Remind God and yourself of His promises.  Take Him at His Word!  And stand strong in His gift of faith!

The Light of Christ is Exposing All Dark Places

Almighty, Heavenly Father,
We have continued to cry out for the next great awakening.  As You prepare Your answer to that prayer, we thank and praise You that You are exposing all the ways we have failed to live Your greatest commandment—to love You above all and to love others as we love ourselves. 

Thank you for using COVID-19 to expose our deepest fears and to strip away so many idols in our culture—those things that give us more joy than You.  Please continue to shine Your light into every place in our hearts that is out of alignment with You.  Convict us of our prideful, idolatrous, fearful ways—even those we may have never noticed before.  Forgive us for agreeing with the world more than with You.  And replace all our sinful ways with love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, and self-control.

And thank You, LORD, for shining light on prejudice to expose all of the ways that we have failed to love others as You love them.  Forgive us for judging others instead of blessing and praying for them. Cause us to rise up and outdo one another in showing honor, valuing others more than ourselves.

God of tender mercy, we cry out for comfort on behalf of all those who have lost loved ones to the pandemic or as a result of violent actions.  Our nation is hurting, confused, and afraid.  Cause us to run to You for consolation, protection, direction and wisdom.

You are the God who redeemed all things through the gift of Your Son.  He is making all things new.  As You continue to expose so many unholy things in us as a nation and as individuals, we lean into Your best plan to work Your righteousness into every heart. Cause the light of Christ to shine into every dark place, and the flow of Your power and presence to overcome the darkest darkness.

Thank You for the Blood of Christ to cleanse and purify us so that we will be ready to steward Your great revival. Come Holy Spirit, overpower us with the Father’s love, for our good and Your glory!

Shine, expose, overtake, redeem, and empower, we pray! Amen-

For April 23-24 Day of Prayer & Fasting

Approaching God with Pure Hearts

As I have been seeking to avoid physical exposure to the virus during this season, thank you for using the time to expose the places in my heart and life that are not yet aligned with Your heart—threads of fear, worry, self, despair, impatience, and more.

I confess, Lord, that my thoughts as well as the deeds of my hands and heart are not always pleasing to You. They are more self-concerned than I can even admit. As I wash my hands much more often these days, use those moments to remind me that You washed me clean with Your blood, that my name is carved into Your palms, and that you called me to use my hands as tangible expressions of Your heart in the earth towards others.

Cause me to seek You passionately, consistently, and faithfully so that I can discover Your reality in my life and context. As I seek Your Face constantly, bless me with experiencing You through my seeking. Cause me to seek and see You in every single aspect of life. You have promised that I will find You when I seek You with all my heart. Show me, Lord, how to prioritize Your Kingdom and Your eternal purposes over every other matter of earthly importance.

I give you permission, Lord, to reset the direction of my heart, revising my list of priorities so that they match Yours. Shift my point of gravity towards Your presence and activity. Draw the center of my attention to You. Help me to seek You with longing and to long for You in seeking. Let me find You in love and love finding You! Cause me to put You first in my life, receiving each new day as a gift and an opportunity to know Your presence, seek Your will, and obey Your calling.

Advancing the Kingdom of Light

As You redirect our hearts toward You, give us unprecedented compassion for those who need You and need to know You.  As we discover in greater measure how much You love us, give us a deep love for our neighbors, for the lost, for those who are vulnerable in their earthy circumstances and for the eternally vulnerable. Replace our self-centered hearts of stone with your heart of self-sacrificing love for all people. As we delight in discovering the depth of Your love for us, may the outward flow of that love  be the greatest testimony of faith we can offer!

We pray especially for the most widespread spiritual awakening in You that the world has ever known.  We desire that Your glory would cover the earth as the waters cover the sea!  We pray especially for people of the Muslim faith who are seeking Truth during this season.  Lord Jesus, as the God of all Truth, we ask You to make Yourself manifest to everyone who does not yet know You because of Your great love! As we look ahead to Pentecost in late May, we say, “Come, Holy Spirt!  Invade the earth once again with a tsunami of Your Presence and Power!  Use us as Your vessels of light and peace as You release Your Holy Fire through us!”

Lord, we ask for an unprecedented release of Your power into the earth.  Would you show yourself mighty through widespread signs, wonders, and miracles? We ask You to show cancer and covid-19 and every ailment known to man that You are greater!  Forgive us for all forms of unbelief, we pray, and cause our faith to rise up!  Meet us at Your place of promise and glorify Yourself as You show mercy and compassion on all those who need Your hand as well as Your heart.  You are the God who parts seas, moves mountains, and raises people from the dead.  Rise up in glory and power, we pray!

Stewarding Your Kingdom on Earth

We recognize that You are awakening Your Bride so that she might prepare herself for the wedding feast. Cause us to remember that WE are Your Bride! The Church is Your Bride! All those who will call You Lord and Savior are Your Bride—every person across all time and space who honor You as the One True God!

As Your Beloved Bride, Your Kingdom Ambassadors, and Your Image Bearers, we desire to steward Your Kingdom in the earth with great diligence. We are honored by the calling that you have given us as a college—a call to equip leaders with the full knowing of who they are in You. You have called us to disciple the nations and the next generation into their knowing Your Kingdom ways. You have inspired us to grow food to eat and to serve a spiritual feast to all who are hungry.  You have made us a place of heart restoration and life redirection in You.

And Lord, You set an enormous vision on our hearts for a special place where You wish to show Your people a tangible reminder of Your Way—in a place where You once again meet with Your creation in the garden. You have called it to be a place of one-ness with You and unity with one another! Thank you for the vision and for the opportunity to co-labor with you in the restoration of people, the land, and the community.

You have been gracious with us, Almighty One, by providing Your mercy and the daily manna we need to take the seeds You have planted and continue moving forward. We have been very faithful with little, Lord. We ask You boldly now to allow us the privilege of showing You that we will be faithful with much.

We have asked boldly that You would make a way for us to be able to break ground on our campus in 2020.  And perhaps even more boldly, we have asked for ALL the funding for our first building by the end of May 2020 so that construction plans can be set in motion.  Those are HUGE, BOLD prayers that we are able to ask because we know that YOU are infinitely bigger than our needs and because we trust that You will move the hearts of the saints as You pour Your blessing out over Your vision through Your people.

And Lord, we recognize that there are many needs in the world right now as the shock waves of the pandemic take their toll on people and cultures.  However, the vision we carry is the one that YOU set in motion in our hearts and that You have shown and declared to many saints. So we make this ask of You at this time to demonstrate that You are sufficient to fill every need – from people’s daily needs to our college’s need for a place to operate in the fullness of our calling.

Further, we ask for the months ahead, that You would prosper us so favorably as an that we could become a rich repository of funding for many, many other Kingdom endeavors, becoming the conduit of Your provision to others in need.  We have seen the evil one come against our supply for so long.  We ask, now that You turn the tables on him in shame as we prosper far beyond our greatest prayers.

Magnificent One, help us know how to share the vision well with others.  Go before us to open hearts of those who will want to share in the sowing of seeds for the future of Your Eternal Kingdom. Prepare us lavishly with the provision needed so that we can steward the vision well as part of Your greatest awakening yet!

In Closing

Thank you for creating us as far more than observers of Your story.  Remind us that we are each one key participants in the reflection and revelation of Your light and love to every dark place.  Continue to set all of our hopes and dreams on You alone, and give us steadfast hearts that agree with You always in thought, word, deed and prayer for Your glory alone!

We praise, worship, and magnify Your Mighty Name through this time of prayer and fasting, with eager expectation of how You will answer. Amen!

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Prayers from the Athens College of Ministry

Heavenly Father,

We stand united in Your Son, Jesus, praising Your Holy Name and worshipping You because You are worthy of ALL praise! We thank You for creating days of remembrance—Passover, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter—so that we might not forget the unmatched POWER of Your LOVE to protect and deliver those You created in Your image! 

We agree with You that this Passover and Easter season is a significant marker in the unfolding of Your eternal story.  Just as you rescued the Israelites on the first Passover, and redeemed all things for eternity through Your Son at Passover, we stand in agreement with You that this Passover is a pivot point in the unfolding of the divine drama!  Thank You for allowing COVID-19 to capture the world’s attention, to cause people to pause with their families, and to cry out to you for a deliverance that only You can provide.  Thank you for crushing the spirit of busyness and for tearing down every idol that draws more of our attention than YOU.  Bring us back to You as our first and best love—thank You for saving us from the idol of self as the greatest possible threat to our relationship with You! Thank You for leading us out of Egypt and into our Promised Land!

As You accomplish a world-wide “re-boot” of the “new normal” for mankind, we cry out, asking that the heavens above rain down your righteousness!  Let the clouds shower it down.  Let the earth that You created open wide! Let salvation spring up and righteousness flourish with it (Isaiah 45:8)! We call forth a global awakening where all men bow the knee to You, the One True and Living God!  We decree and declare as your warriors that it is time for the enemy to be judged for the shame and pain inflicted on Your people, LORD.  We utter a loud battle cry in Your Mighty Name, reminding the watching world that IT IS FINISHED.  The days of torment will soon see a swift transition to times of Kingdom peace and power in the Name of Jesus!

We decree healing and hope to the hurting, the sick, and the helpless. We release a manifestation of the power of Your Holy Spirit such as mankind has not yet witnessed.  We speak comfort to those who mourn. We command the coronavirus to stand down and call forth life and peace in its place.  Your crown, LORD Jesus, is the only crown worthy of our attention. We shout your promises to make all things new, and to complete every good work that You have begun in Christ Jesus. We thank You that You are working all things together for our good as You command evil to pass us over, and call forth a thousand generations of blessing upon those who know You as LORD and Savior!

We rest and rejoice in You, LORD Jesus, Our Savior, and in the finished work of the cross!  You have risen and we have risen with You, seated together in the heavenly places.  Thank you, LORD, that You are ushering in our season of ruling and reigning in YOU and for You in the earth.  Make us ready and cause us to fulfill our heavenly mission well for the sake of Your Mighty Name.

All praise, honor, and glory are yours, today, tomorrow, and always!  Amen–

(Posted 4-9-20)

Heavenly Father,
Your Word tells us that we have all authority over all the power of the evil one, and that we should speak as though we are speaking Your very words. As Your Ambassadors in the earth, we speak to the coronavirus and we declare that it must stand down! We speak to every form of fear and say, “Peace! Be still!” Lord, use this pandemic and the resulting disruption of the world’s systems to drive the sheep to You, the Good Shepherd. As the nations cry out in anguish, use this time to prepare our hearts and minds for the greatest spiritual awakening the planet has ever known! Cause us to no longer operate under a “business as usual” mindset, but rather, to fix our focus on YOU, on what YOU are accomplishing in the earth, and to co-labor with You and Your heart’s desire that none would perish for eternity. Cause us all to eagerly anticipate and prepare for an unprecedented move of Your Spirit!

Forgive us, Lord, for any of our thoughts, deeds, and actions that have not been pleasing to you, including every form of fear and anxiety. Forgive our nation for making politics and economics more important than our love and compassion for every single person that You created. Cause us to rally in loving unity as we fight together against the presenting threats and stop fighting with one another. May Your love for humankind be our primary motivation and the platform from which we build agreement with You and each other. Have mercy on our community, our nation, and the world. And in your loving compassion, pour out the manifestation of Your Kingdom on earth in tangible ways at this time—including your gift of healing!

Lord, we ask for Your hand of blessing and protection over this community of saints and for a supernatural release of Your wisdom and power as we all navigate through unchartered life experiences. Give everyone the grace needed to accomplish their God-given assignments during this time of social distancing. Give us the compassion and bold courage we need to serve those who need Your help. Use each of us as You purpose at this time to serve as a beacons of faith, hope, and love for the watching world. Cause us to trust You in and for all things, and to be used by You in ways that are a blessing to many for an eternal glory!  Amen-

(Posted 4-5-2020)

Heavenly Father,

We come before You as bold witnesses to the work of glory that You are manifesting in the earth!  As mankind has become consumed with its own mortality during this season, fixated on death rates, we decree and declare that this is a season for the greatest increase of “life in Christ rates” the world has ever known!

We declare that every from of evil that has been unleased through COVID-19 is right now being turned back on the enemy for the great glory of God!

The breath of the Almighty gives us life (Job 33:4).  With the breath that You give us, Your image bearers praise You, pray to You, and release the power of Your eternal Kingdom into the earth.  We declare that NOTHING on earth can stop the release of Your breath through Your saints!  Thank You for sending Your ministering angels to place their hands on those who are suffering and shock them back to life with a fresh filling of Your breath.  Cause them to rise up and PRAISE YOU with Your breath as the ultimate insult to the enemy!

You prayed, LORD, that we would be one, just as You and the father are ONE (John 17:11 & 21).  While the virus has driven us in to isolation from the world, it has also served to drive the world to YOU and to cause Your saints to be strengthened in our family units.  We BLESS the unity that we find in You as we press in together in prayer to fight against our common enemy.  We decree and declare that as a result of the current pandemic, there will be no more political or denominational division in our nation, but only perfect unity in YOU as we contend together in Christ.  We repent on behalf of our nation for all of the “pride of self” that leads to division.  Cause the human need to “be right” about any matter to fall away as you bring mankind into right relationship with YOU.  Cause the power of our agreement with YOU about all things to overwhelm any form of division and disagreement among man.

LORD, You said in Luke 6:40 that “…everyone who is fully trained will be like their teacher.”  You, Jesus, are the utmost best teacher and You call us to find our very lives in You.  While the enemy has used the current crisis to close the physical doors of our institution, we decree and declare that nothing can impede the work of Your Spirit through our college to continue the work of equipping Christian leaders for the work of Your Kingdom. Cause our faculty and students to press into their study of YOU and Your ways with greater zeal and focus than ever before. Cause them to seek and find the answers to the world’s questions about You and to learn to minister out of who they are in You.  Bless our Prayer Ministry Center with a flood of opportunities to minister to the heartsick at this time.

Lord Jesus, tomorrow is already a memory to You. You are neither limited nor powerless in the face of the presenting circumstances. You hold all the answers, all the plans, and all the provision we need. And You incline Your ear to hear us ask. In our weakness Your strength shines. In our need Your provision gives You glory. As we co-labor with you in prayer, You position us to see Your goodness.  Satisfy our hearts with knowing that You will never leave us or forsake us (Deut. 3:16)!  Hear us as we cry out today, asking You to fill the earth with the knowledge of Your glory as the waters cover the sea (Habakkuk 2:14).  And may we never fail to give witness to Your loving goodness or to thank You for who You are!

LORD, You have given each of us in Christ Your power for Your purposes.  Show us moment by moment how to release Your power into the atmosphere as You release Your good gifts of healing, peace, unity, favor, miracles, signs and wonders through us for the purpose of making Yourself known. Give us boldness as we set our faces like flint to release your Kingdom power and to fight vigilantly against every form of fear! Cause us to use our breath to praise You to the highest heavens and to release the presence and power of Your Spirit into the earth right now, today!  Glorify Yourself and magnify Your Holy Name throughout the earth as You bring about ALL that You have purposed to do.  Cause Your Bride to shuck off every earthly form of ‘life support” as she draws her very life from You—abundant life in every way as a stunning reflection of Your love!   Amen

From the National Day of Prayer Office

Heavenly Father, we turn to You in prayer not panic in response to this pandemic. We praise You as our Almighty Creator and Sustainer. You are the author of our days, our refuge and strength.

Lord, we humbly ask that You push back and remove this virus from us; glorify Yourself in this national and global emergency. We cry out to You in unified prayer:
For those who have suffered loss of family and friends from this virus. Please comfort them.
For those who are currently sick we ask that You heal them.
For those who are filled with fear and anxiety in the uncertainty of what to do, or in isolation of quarantine, we ask that You be their courage and that they would acknowledge Your presence. Thank You for being our God who never leaves or forsakes us.
For those who are not able to go to work and earn a paycheck we ask that You provide for their needs. Please connect them with services who are providing food and other resources at this time.
For those who are researching and responding to the pandemic we ask that You pour out Your wisdom, knowledge and understanding in them and through them. Please incline our ears to truth and give us steadfast hearts as our confidence is in You. Give us discernment to divide rumors from reality, help us to make wise decisions and listen to good information.

For all hospital and nursing home staff, doctors, nurses, lab technicians, first responders, military personnel, and everyone who is at risk to exposure as they serve and care for those who are or may have been infected. Please protect them and give them and their families peace as they serve. Help them to keep patients calm as they work and walk in faith in You.

Lord, help us always to respond with Your love to our neighbors. Prompt us to check on those near and dear to us as well as neighbors we might not have met yet who may need our help. Help us to remember those around us who are most vulnerable to this virus and to help them by bringing them groceries or other things that will help keep them from exposure.

For those who are making decisions about closures and cancellations we ask that You guide them to consider what is best for people not profit. Lord that they will trust You and make the safest decision for the population they serve, teach, entertain, and employ. Continue to pour out Your creativity on us in the methods of staying connected and productive through technology.

We pray that this unprecedented time in our generation would be used to draw nearer to You and our families. Turn our attention to the many times we have thought or said, “we don’t have enough time to ________.” Help us to use this time to rightly reset and prioritize our relationship with You and our family. Let us draw near to You in faith as our Father and our fortress.

Deliver us from this disease we pray and let Your glory fill the earth as You respond to our prayers. Amen.