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The Athens College of Ministry is privileged to serve Athens/Oconee and the surrounding areas with several workshops and seminars designed to help your church or organization equip the saints for the work of ministry, no matter their life or career circumstances. In addition to Lifelong Ministry courses and seminars offered at the ACMin campus, we would be blessed to co-host a workshop or seminar at your site. Please see below for workshop offerings and contact us at 706-769-1472 to let us know how we can best serve you! We can also customize a workshop or seminar to meet your unique needs.

Cost to host a Mobile Lifelong Ministry Worship

Included in Ministry Partnerships–
Level 1: 8 hours of Lifelong Ministry training for up to 20 people*
Level 2: 16 hours of Lifelong Ministry training for up to 25 people*
Level 3: 16 hours of Lifelong Ministry training for up to 40 people*
*$10 per person for additional attendees
For Non-Partners—
Special introductory rate of $250 for the first 8-hour workshop
$40 per person for subsequent workshops (minimum of 10 participants)

Customized Mobile Lifelong Ministry workshops are available. Contact ACMin today at 706-769-1472 to schedule your Mobile Lifelong Ministry Workshop or to learn how to become a Ministry Partner.




Workshops & Seminars



Missions & World Culture

Grafted into the Olive Tree: The Jewish Roots of Christianity
Description: In this workshop, participants will explore the “Jewishness” of our Christian faith. By exploring the Hebrew roots of our faith, participants will gain a richer understanding of the Bible – both the Old and the New Testament – and how it relates to our lives today.
Instructor: Dr. Kurt Genteman, ACMin Undergraduate Program Chair

Introduction to Islam
Description: In this seminar, participants will explore the religion of Islam, its diversity and expression today, its history, its founder, its holy book (the Quran), core beliefs, practices, and theology. Participants will also explore how to effectively engage Muslims in conversations regarding their beliefs, to view the similarities and differences between Islam and Christianity, and to “build bridges” in conversation for the sake of the gospel. Participants will also pray for Muslims.
Instructor: Mr. Alex Fields, ACMin Director of Outreach

Biblical Theology of Missions
Description: Participants will examine the scriptures from beginning to end, discovering God’s heart for His glory, for the nations and for His worship among all the peoples of the world. Participants will develop a better understanding of the scriptures as well as the metanarrative of scripture, in order to encourage them to share the gospel with lost people in their personal spheres of influence. Participants will learn and practice tools to share the Gospel and to show others God’s heart for the nations via the scriptures.
Instructor: Mr. Alex Fields, ACMin Director of Outreach

Welcoming Internationals
Description. Participants in this workshop will discover the prevalence of internationals in America and around the world and the importance of “welcoming” them in their context. Participants will become acquainted with practical tools for approaching internationals, how to form relationships with them, how to share your faith with them, and how to engage them with God’s Word using the Discovery Bible Study (DBS) method.
Instructor: Mr. Alex Fields, ACMin Director of Outreach

King of the Jews: Understanding Jesus through His Own Culture
Description: Jesus Christ was born, raised, ministered, died, rose again, and ascended to heaven as a Jew. Likewise he will return to earth as a Jew. Most of us are not Jewish, but all of his earli­est disciples were, including the New Testament authors. Renowned non-Jewish New Testament scholar N.T. Wright wrote: “If we are to understand the thrust of Jesus’ ministry, we must project ourselves as far as possible into the worldview and mindset of a first century Jew.” This workshop will take participants through: The Land of Israel, Jerusalem, the Temple; Synagogues, The Law of Moses, Work and the Sabbath, Appointed Times, and more. Participants will also explore specific Jewish idioms to help improve their interpretation of the Gospels and to more fully understand Jesus Christ and his ministry within its authentic context and culture.
Instructor: Mr. Michael Millier, ACMin Faculty


Effective Prayer Warrior Tools
Description: In this workshop, participants will explore the intersection between prayer and faith, and between God’s heart and man’s desires. Based on His words and His promises, participants will develop a posture of living on the resurrection side of the cross instead of kneeling at the foot of the cross begging God to invade their pain and problems. As participants discover key kingdom principles related to their power and authority as believers, they will develop the ability to co-labor with the LORD through prayer in transformative ways!
Instructor: Dr. Marcia Wilbur, ACMin President

2-Way Prayer–Communication With God
Description: We are taught that God has saved us so that we can have a relationship with Him. How do we have a relationship if we can’t see, hear, or feel the One we are in relationship with? The Bible is filled with accounts of men and women interacting with a living God.  Does God “speak” today…to you and me? What does His “Voice” sound like? How do I know that what I am “hearing” is God? Is there something I can do to hear from God more often and with greater clarity? Based on Four Keys to Hearing God’s Voice, through this interactive study you will find the answers to these questions and many others. You will develop a more personal, intimate relationship with God through two-way journaling. Your prayer life will “explode” with excitement!
Instructor: Mrs. Cindy Mackey, ACMin Faculty

Participant Testimony: 2-Way Prayer: “I just wanted to THANK YOU, Cindy, for your teaching expertise, your time, your warmth, your sincere desire to share with us in our class about how to discern the voice of GOD and the JOY of realizing how much HE loves us all! It was an awesome class and you are such a loving, joyful, fun teacher! I learned a great deal and am so appreciative! Thank you for everything you did for me (us)! My soul was revived and will, I pray, continue to be so! Gory be to God!” –RGS

Introduction to Prayer Ministry
Description: In this workshop, participants learn and apply to their own hearts and minds the foundational principles in which Prayer Ministry is grounded. Participants will experience how intentional, focused prayer leading to an authentic encounter with God’s Truth, resulting in transformation of the mind, will, and emotions that is life-changing. (or, “results in the transformation of our minds, will and emotions.”) They will discover how Prayer Ministry can help them and others overcome struggles with anger, unforgiveness, fear, stress, anxiety, trauma, sexual sins, and depression as well as other undesired behaviors and thought patterns. Prayer ministry can help free personal hindrances in obeying God, relating to Him, and redeeming any experience in which we lack peace. Interested participants will have an opportunity to become involved in additional, longer-term prayer ministry training as well as learn important principles for starting a Prayer Ministry effort in the local church for the purpose of helping to set the captives free.
Instructor: Mrs. Cindy Mackey, ACMin Faculty

Servant Leadership

Work as Ministry
Description: This 8-hour workshop is based on the principle that every believer is called to “full-time” Christian service. Most Christians spend more time at work than any other single place. This course will explore God’s idea of ministry in the context of work and how it offers unique opportunities to interact with mainstream culture.
Instructor: Dr. Kurt Genteman, ACMin Undergraduate Program Chair

Courts of Heaven
Description: In this workshop, participants develop a rich understanding of their charge as Kingdom Ambassadors in Christ and how to operate effectively in the courts of Heaven because of the power of God within them. In particular, participants will focus on the power of their words and the importance of repentance as a key part of our lifestyle in Christ.
Instructor: Dr. Marcia Wilbur, ACMin President

Effective Ministry Leadership Teams
Description: Designed for church or organizational leadership teams, participants will demonstrate an understanding of their unique talents and gifts and how to leverage those effectively as part of a larger leadership team.  Participants will also consider the strengths and potential pitfalls of leading with their God-given talents as well as common reasons why leadership teams may experience conflict or fall short of their intended goals. Participants will collectively apply the principles learned to an actual local ministry project as a means to jump-start the team towards a desired outcome.
Instructor: Dr. Marcia Wilbur, ACMin President

His Creation: Discover Your Identity in Christ
Description: Have you ever wondered what gifts and abilities you have that God wants to use for His Kingdom? This workshop provides participants with personal insights to their unique creation as one of God’s children, and discovering the freedom to be who God calls us to be. Participants will uncover keys to their God-given identity and prayerfully set in motion a plan for using their talents in God’s Kingdom. Participants will also demonstrate an understanding of the barriers to fulfilling the richness of their identity-in-Christ and keys to removing those obstacles.
Instructor: Dr. Marcia Wilbur, ACMin President

Spiritual Gifts
Description: In this workshop, participants will explore what the Bible says are spiritual gifts as well as why and how God gives them to His disciples for the building of His Church. Participants will explore common misconceptions about spiritual gifts, the ministry of the Holy Spirit, and important safeguards against the misuse of God’s gifts. Ultimately, participants will begin to lay a foundation for the application of their spiritual gifts to life and ministry.
Instructor: Dr. Marcia Wilbur, ACMin President


What Is the Good News?
Description: What is the Good News that Christians proclaim to the world? Who is Jesus, and what did He accomplish that Christians should be motivated to tell the world about? The story of the Bible is frequently summarized by the four movements creation, fall, redemption, and restoration. In this scheme, the main biblical message moves from Genesis 1-3 to the cross of Jesus, with eyes toward the future recreation. In other words, the message of the Gospel gets boiled down to the problem of sin and the accomplishment of the cross. While a key element, devising such a scheme results in the omission of 98% of the biblical story, and it neglects what Jesus Himself talked about most frequently in the four Gospels. It ignores what the earliest Christians proclaimed about Him in the Book of Acts. The message of the Good News about God’s Kingdom is far bigger than individualistic concerns about one’s own sin! Students in this seminar will uncover the biblical depiction of God’s Kingdom, why Jesus spoke about it so frequently, and how His life, death, and resurrection embodied and enacted that message.
Instructor: Dr. Jesse Coyne, ACMin Graduate Program Chair

Made in God’s Image
Description: The creation account in Genesis 1 concludes with the creation and commissioning of humanity, made in the image of God (Gen 1:26-27). What does it mean to bear God’s image? Do humans look like God or share some aspect of God’s character or some metaphysical attribute (a “spirit,” ability to reason, etc.)? The message of Genesis 1-2 is far more than a description of how people share a likeness with God. To be made in God’s image is to be created for a task. Genesis 1-2 provides an answer to the most fundamental question: What is the meaning of life? Humans were created in God’s image not simply to be a representation but a representative of God. This task sets the foundation for the biblical story from Genesis 1 to the end of Revelation. Students in this course will explore the biblical meaning of the image of God and why it is relevant to the present.
Instructor: Dr. Jesse Coyne, ACMin Graduate Program Chair

Why Is the World so Broken?: The Missing Supernatural Element
Description: For most Christians, the complete answer to the depravity of the world is often laid at the feet of Adam and Eve as described in the Fall narrative of Genesis 3. Is that the whole picture intended in the story of Genesis 1-11? Adam does not figure prominently in the rest of the Old Testament, but the stories of Genesis 6, about the misdeeds of the “Sons of God” and the “Nephilim,” and Genesis 11, about the Tower of Babel, are used to explain the proliferation of suffering and evil in the world. Who were these enigmatic figures, why are they important for understanding the biblical narrative, and what does any of that have to do with life in the modern world? Students in this course will explore the supernatural world of the Bible and the language and figures associated with it such as angels, demons, Satan, and more.
Instructor: Dr. Jesse Coyne, ACMin Graduate Program Chair

The Origins of the Bible
Description: Delivered by God through humans, participants in this seminar will examine the lengthy and fascinating process that took place to go from inspired writer to printed (or digital) bound, English book. With a foundational understanding of this process, students will be equipped to address questions like:
-Why does the Protestant Bible include different books than the Catholic or Eastern Orthodox Bibles?
-What are the Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha?
-Why does the King James Version (KJV) have some different verses and stories than other translations like the New International Version (NIV) or New Revised Standard Version (NRSV)? Why did they take that out of my Bible?
-Why does every translation of Romans 3:25, Galatians 5:12, or Jeremiah 4:19 sound different? Which translation is right or the best?
Students will also explore a number of useful tools for doing their own in-depth study to uncover the meaning of God’s Word from the original biblical languages.
Instructor: Dr. Jesse Coyne, ACMin Graduate Program Chair


The Ministry of Teaching
Description: Based on Jesus’ model for growing disciples, participants will consider the goals of Kingdom-focused teaching and how, through the lens of application, to set lesson goals and create effective instructional activities that lead to observable evidence that the learning goals have been met.  After considering the principles of learner-centered instructional design, participants will develop a personal framework for creating their own lessons with a focus on understanding and life transformation among those they teach.
Instructor: Dr. Marcia Wilbur, ACMin President

Special Events

Dr. Marcia Wilbur, ACMin’s President, is available as a guest speaker on topics such as: Identity in Christ, The Joy of Obedience, The Power of Prayer, The Power of Words, Developing Uncrushable Faith, Effective Leadership, and others. We hope you will contact ACMin at any time as a resource for guest faculty and more!  706-769-1472.