Lifelong Ministry Participant Testimonies!

Here’s what our Lifelong Ministry workshop and seminar participants have to say about their Christian growth experiences at ACMin:

– “For the past few months, I have had the privilege of participating in a course on prayer offered by the Athens School Of Ministry and Worship Arts. My prayer life has been so changed in coming to know more perfectly that because the God of the Universe lives in me, it is He who works through me. This has relieved me of striving and working to pray and believe God.” — Dianne H.

-“This course (Talents & Spiritual Gifts) was LIFE CHANGING!” –Christa

-“The 2-Way Prayer workshop was EXCELLENT—could not have been better.  It built my faith and my confidence that I DO hear from God.”  -–Lynn

+I learned something new about the tools God uses to communicate with us and that there is a world outside of mine in which God works that I do not understand completely but I am attracted to it.  My world has been turned upside down! EVERY believer needs to learn this!” -–Tom

-“The Biblical Foundations of Prayer Ministry course challenged me to really think and reflect on my own beliefs to understand healing and freedom.  I learned that I can hand over my fears and anxiety to Jesus.” –Lora

-“The two truths that I especially learned were that: a) the enemy can only get out of line if we allow him to get to us; and b) mind renewal is a lifelong process.”  –Amber

-” It is wonderful to learn that you don’t have to strive to forgive—the Spirit does all the work, I just get to agree!”

-“We need more courses like this one (True Forgiveness) so that we can see Jesus meet people where it hurts.  Without forgiveness, there can be no real healing.”

-“As a result of the Teen-to-Teen workshop, I feel extremely well prepared to share my faith.  The tools we learned were fun and quite useful.”   –High School Youth participant