Fall 2021

Lifelong Ministry Course Registration & Fees

ACMin Courses are available to the public as auditing students (i.e. no college credit is earned), and to Dual Enrollment High School and Home School students.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Enrolled ACMin students and Dual Enrollment students must register through Populi. See TUITION RATES for degree-seeking students. To register as a non-degree-seeking (auditing) student:
Step 1: Click on the link below to register for your course.
(Call 706-769-1472 if you prefer to pay your course fee by check.)
Step 2: Click here for information on ordering course books and materials.
Senior Discount:
 Individuals age 65 or older may enroll in LMP courses at a 20% discount.
Scholarship: If you are in need of financial assistance to attend an LMP course, please contact us at 706-769-1472.
Course Location: Lifelong Ministry Program courses are held at the ACMin Campus at 1331 New High Shoals Rd. in Watkinsville unless otherwise noted. Upstairs in Room D.
ACMin Refund Policy
Click here to apply for admission as a degree-seeking student. 


Prayer Leadership Certificate

ACMin offers a 6-course series for those interested in boosting their ministry to others in Christ through prayer. Program participants will develop an in-depth personal, biblical theology for prayer as well as strong skills for helping bind up the broken hearted through prayer ministry.
Prayer Leadership Certificate Program


Christian Leadership Institute

Athens College of Ministry is launching a new and innovative program designed to walk beside churches and train up leaders that are qualified to serve both in lay ministry and in the marketplace. As a college that is dedicated to teach, reach, lead and minister to others through relational, hands-on training, this program will empower participants to go deeper into understanding how their own identity in Christ compels them to lead others and bring Kingdom principles into their sphere of influence. The Christian Leadership Institute (CLI) is an 18-month program filled with teaching, growing and experiential learning. Participants will be equipped and empowered to step into leadership roles both in the church and the community. New Institutes will begin every January and July.
Christian Leadership Institute



Life IN Christ 7-Week Seminars




Conversations That Matter*

Description: In this 7-week course, you will build a personal framework for understanding God, yourself, and the people in your world. By gaining a foundational understanding of Christianity and the problem of sin, you will be equipped to enter the hearts of others in a way that arouses their desires as well as your own to go deeper in relationship with God. You will expand your capacity to live from a place of personal wholeness and Kingdom building.
*The Conversations That Matter course is a pre-requisite to participation in a Connection Group (below).
Cost: $35.00 (Includes course materials)
Dates: New classes are forming regularly! Contact Mrs. Cindy Mackey to join the next upcoming Conversations That Matter class!


Connection Groups

Description: During this 7-session experience, participants will meet in small groups with a facilitator for the purpose of exercising the principles learned in the Conversations That Matter course. Participants will experience how to interact effectively and transparently with other group members for the purposes of their personal growth as well become a conduit for God’s love to be released in other’s lives. It is recommended that participants enroll in “Conversations That Matter” (see above) prior to joining a Connection Group.
Cost: $30.00
Dates: New Connection Groups are forming regularly! Contact Mrs. Cindy Mackey to join a new Connection Group.
Past Participant Testimonies:
-“Prior to this class, there were times when I would miss Jesus at work in my life and in others because my vision of Him was imperfect; I now have a greater capacity to recognize Him at work.”
-“Learning these principles has given me hope; I know that I am part of a God’s plan that is awesome and never-ending!”
-“I have learned that God makes ‘Life’ simple; we complicate things.”
-“This class has created an excitement in me: the possibilities of all that God can do is exceeding abundant!”
-“After learning the principles in this class, I am listening to others with different ears.”


Christian Life Coaching

Description: Christian Life Coaching is designed for those who find themselves struggling or stagnant in their current circumstances. CLC provides a relational approach to encourage, empower and propel individuals desiring to grow spiritually, to enhance their relationships that matter most, and to make important life changes. Coaching is designed to draw out of individuals what God has put in by unlocking their potential and maximizing their personal walk in truth. CLC is like having a personal trainer for any and every area of life!
Christian Life Coach: Mrs. Amy Haskell
Cost: $75 for six sessions. First session is FREE.
For Initial Consultation: Call (706) 318-6004 or email amyhaskellcplc@gmail.com

15-Week Courses Meet August 9th – December 1st 

Course Formats. ACMin offers in-person, blended, virtual, and online classes.  Check the schedule below to select the type of class meeting that best suits your schedule and geographic location.
Online Class. All ACMin courses offered online have a 2 hours of required live videoconference meeting times for each credit hour.  The instructor will poll all enrolled students for their availability to schedule the virtual course meeting times.
Videoconference Class. These virtual classes meet by live, synchronous videoconference.  Students are expected to attend classes virtually at the regularly scheduled times.
Blended Class. Most ACMin courses can be taken virtually by students who do not live locally.  Contact your Academic Advisor for more information about attending a “blended” class.





New Testament Survey
Meeting Times: Online
Description: This course explores the basic principles of Christian beliefs, community and ministry, as well as the promise of Christ’s return through a study of the history and theology of the books of the New Testament. Through the study of the New Testament, students will build their inductive Bible study skills.
Instructor: Dr. Jesse Coyne
Course Fee: $259 (Ministry Partner discounts apply. Call 706-769-1472 for partner discount code.) Click here to register for this course

The Pentateuch
Meeting Times: Thursdays, 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Description: This course investigates the narrative content of the first five books of the Old Testament known as the Pentateuch (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy). It provides an overview of the main critical approaches used to interpret these books, but the approach to the five books is both canonical and historical. Attention will be given to cultural backgrounds, critical problems, and literary genres as they aid interpretation of specific texts with special emphasis on how these texts illuminate the person and work of Christ.
Instructor: Dr. Jesse Coyne
Course Fee: $259 (Ministry Partner discounts apply. Call 706-769-1472 for partner discount code.) Click here to register for this course




Effective Prayer Ministry Tools: Elijah House 201 Prayer Ministry
Meeting Times: Mondays, 6:00 – 9:00 PM
Description: As a biblical form of pastoral counseling, Elijah House 201 lays the foundations for healing and transformation, for both students, and for equipping them to minister inner healing to others. Students will learn foundational principles and tools for dealing with personal and interpersonal issues. Students will learn to trace bad fruit to bitter roots formed in the heart, most often in childhood and how broken hearts can be healed through the biblical process of repentance and forgiveness.
Instructors: Mr. and Mrs. Vic & Dee Pesaresi
Course Fee: $359 (Ministry Partner discounts apply. Call 706-769-1472 for partner discount code.) Click here to register for this class


Ultimate Journey I

Meeting Times: Tuesdays, 9:00 AM – Noon (This 12-week class begins August 24th.)
Description: Many people live with a core belief that they are not “good enough” in some form or fashion, and thus live out of subtle traps of bondage such as guilt, shame, perfectionism, worry, stress, and fear. They can also be trapped in not-so-subtle coping mechanisms such as pornography, substance abuse, and other addictive behaviors. Through the basic Ultimate Journey course experience, students will understand how individual’s self-willed efforts to change provide only temporary results. Students will learn a how to help self and others transform how they see and think about themselves. They will also learn effective tools for eliminating behaviors that keep people in bondage so that they are equipped to journey into greater freedom and joy than anyone imagined possible.
Instructors: Mr. Vic Pesaresi & Mrs. Laura Coco
Course Fee: $75 (Ministry Partner discounts apply. Call 706-769-1472 for partner discount code.) Click here to register for Ultimate Journey.




Foundations of Faith
Meeting Times: Mon. & Weds., 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM
Description: This course presents a survey of Christ-centered biblical history and provides, through the study of Scripture, a theological framework for God, Jesus, salvation, the Holy Spirit, the spiritual world, evil, the Church, and specific theological beliefs. This course includes an introduction to inductive Bible study and an overview of church history.
Instructor: Dr. Todd Gaddis
Course Fee: $259 (Ministry Partner discounts apply. Call 706-769-1472 for partner discount code.) Click here to register for this class

Spiritual Warfare & Victory in Christ
Meeting Times: Wednesdays, 6:00 – 9:00 PM
Description: The Christian life is most often referred to in the Scriptures as a battle or athletic competition requiring “warriors.” In this course, students will examine the theology of spiritual warfare and the keys to victory found in Christ. Further, they will develop and implement a personal plan for walking and living from Christ’s victory as His kingdom ambassadors in the earth.
Instructor: Dr. Kurt Genteman
Course Fee: $259 (Ministry Partner discounts apply. Call 706-769-1472 for partner discount code.) Click here to register for this class

Personal Spiritual Formation
Meeting Times: Tuesdays, 6:00 – 9:00 PM (virtual)
Description: In this course, students will explore the foundations of the spiritual disciplines and their role in the development of personal spiritual formation—the day-by-day journey through which individuals open their hearts to a deeper relationship with God and a rich understanding of their identity in Christ. The course will present why spiritual formation is a vital part of Christian ministry, its biblical foundation, and its role in the development of Christian education programs.
Instructor: Dr. Suresh Thomas
Course Fee: $259 (Ministry Partner discounts apply. Call 706-769-1472 for partner discount code.) Click here to register for this class