Dual Enrollment Students

Welcome, Dual Enrollment Students

The Athens College of Ministry welcomes High School and Home School students wishing to take their first steps towards earning college credit in an environment that honors their Christian worldview. These students earn post-secondary credit hours and can also meet their high school graduation or Home Study completion requirements as Dual Enrollment students as permitted by their diploma-granting institutions.
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Why Dual Enroll at ACMin?

Enrolling in ACMin while in high school allows students to get a head start on college before high school graduation. But beyond that, there are so many ways that ACMin coursework can enhance your personal educational journey. At ACMin you can:
-experience rigorous coursework in a Christian setting;
-learn in an engaging academic environment under the direction of highly qualified faculty;
-earn General Education credits (science, languages, mathematics, English, music) in a place that honors your Christian worldview;
-more fully establish your identity in Christ before you pave your career path; and
-learn who God created you to be so that you can become all that He desires for you (Ephesians 2:10).

Wheaton Press Dual Credit Courses

Click here to learn more about earning dual credit at your high school by enrolling in Wheaton Press “Engaging the Heart” courses.

Dual Credit Courses at Your High School

Find out how can earn dual credit at your high school through the ACMin Dual Credit Institute.

On-campus or Distance Ed Dual Credit at ACMin

Students age 16 or older may attend in-person classes on our campus.  All high school aged students may attend online or virtual courses @ ACMin.  Click here to see the courses offered for the upcoming semester. 

To get started: 
1.  Complete the online ACMin Dual Enrollment Application. (Note that the application form autosaves when you exit. Check your email for the necessary link to return to your application in progress.) Once your application has been approved, you may enroll in as many courses as you like during your High School or Home School career. Should you decide to earn a degree from the Athens College of Ministry, additional application materials will be required for degree program enrollment.Dual Enrollment application deadlines are as follows:
Fall Semester – August 1
Spring Semester – December 15
Summer Semester – April 15
Students are encouraged to apply and enroll well before the published deadlines in order to ensure available seats in their desired classes. Priority enrollment is given to ACMin degree-seeking students.
2.  Upload the completed Parental Consent Form for Dual Enrollment Students  with your online application.
3.  Have an official copy of your High School or Home School transcript sent to: Registrar, Athens College of Ministry, PO Box 7953, Athens, GA 30604.
4.  Receive your application acceptance and permission to register for classes by email.
5.  Register and pay your course fees of $200 per course. (Note that the State of Georgia does not allow “Bible Colleges and Seminaries” to participate in the use of Move on When Ready funding.)
6.  Order your textbooks.Students will receive a link to the list of textbooks for their courses prior to the start of the semester. Most texts can be ordered from Amazon or Christianbooks.com. Students should order their books in time to receive them by the start of the semester as assignments will be given at the first class meeting. Generally, the cost of textbooks and materials does not exceed $100 per course.

Additional Information

Transcript Fees. The cost for each official transcript requested is $10.00. Unofficial grade reports can be accessed at no charge through the student’s online portal.
Questions? Contact us at 706-769-1472 or acmininfo@acmin.edu.