Christian Education

Good teachers are some of the greatest influencers of young people in the world! At the Athens College of Ministry, we teach our students the importance of applied learning that leads to understanding. Our Christian Education majors develop impactful teaching methods and how to integrate authentic assessments into optimal learning experiences.

Students who earn a Certificate in Christian Ministry with an emphasis on Christian Education will gain the biblical foundation necessary for effective teaching in a church setting. Students who have earned a teaching degree from another institution can earn a second major area in biblical studies in order to teach Bible classes in a Christian school setting.

Students interested in teaching in a variety of curricular areas should consider earning an Associate’s Degree with a major in Christian Education as a strong foundation for their college career. They will develop a solid Christian worldview, accomplish general education credits (mathematics, science, language, humanities, etc.), and begin their studies in the area of effective teaching and learning.

Those who major in Christian Education at the Bachelor’s Degree level will be fully qualified to teach biblical studies and Christian studies in a private Christian school. Bachelor’s Degree students in Christian Education will also be very well qualified to lead K-12 Christian Education programs in a local church or serve as the head of a Home School network.

The Master’s Certificate  with a focus on Christian Education or Educational Leadership is ideal for anyone already working in education who seeks to grow their repertoire of impactful teaching strategies or to strengthen their ability to lead others effectively in an academic setting.

The ACMin Master’s Degree major in Christian Education is designed for those who have majored in a variety of curricular areas and who have chosen teaching as a career but lack professional teacher education credentials. Through their coursework, Master’s Degree students will have the ability to serve in areas of administration in Christian settings.

A Master of Divinity with a major in Christian Education will:
-prepare students with a strong theological foundation for the pragmatic aspects of leadership in the church or other types of ministry settings;
-provide students for effective leadership across a broad range of ministry areas;
-equip students with a solid specialization in the area of Christian Education;
-qualify students for admission to doctorate-level studies such as a DMin or Ph.D.; and
-make students eligible for ordination in most denominations.

*Please note that the Bachelor’s, Master of Arts, and Master of Divinity degrees include all of the courses necessary to qualify for ACSI teacher certification and will provide you with mentored coaching for your practicum/teacher internship experience.