Care & Counseling 

At the Athens College of Ministry, we’re passionate about helping individuals break free from emotional, relational and spiritual hurts and teaching them how to be all that they are in Christ. ACMin offers a wide range of program opportunities for individuals interested in helping others find peace, joy, and freedom!

Our Prayer Leadership Certificate program is a 6-course, non-degree option intended to equip students with a wide range of prayer strategies ranging from intercession to spiritual warfare and inner healing.  Those who complete this program can effectively serve as prayer leaders in their local churches under the authority of their pastor or pastoral staff.

Students who earn a Certificate in Christian Ministry with an emphasis in Care & Counseling will exit their program with a strong biblical foundation in the area of inner healing and effective hands-on mentored experience ministering to others.  The Certificate program is especially designed to equip believers for impactful ministry in their homes, churches, and places of work.

With an Associate’s Degree, those who major in Care & Counseling will have had the opportunity to earn general education credits (mathematics, science, English, psychology, etc.) while building a solid Christian worldview.  Associate’s Degree graduates often go on to attend other institutions having developed a clear understanding of who they are in Christ before they get defined by their career area. These students will gain a solid foundation related to human growth and development and experience effective tools for helping others heal from past wounds and traumas.

Students who earn a Bachelor’s Degree with a major in Care & Counseling will be well prepared to engage in full time pastoral ministry for personal and congregational care. These graduates will be especially skilled at helping others overcome life’s hurts and hang-ups, and in shepherding individuals’ personal spiritual formation. The Bachelor’s Degree program includes a robust internship experience working with clients from the public to help them find help and healing in Christ.

The Master’s Certificate in Christian Ministry with a major in Care & Counseling is designed to help those already working in ministry be better equipped to minister to individuals struggling with personal and relational challenges.  It can also provide powerful tools to help you minister more effectively in the marketplace or on the mission field to anyone trapped in past traumas and hurts.

With a Master’s Degree, those who major in Care & Counseling will graduate with a solid biblical and psychological foundation in human growth and development and will have gained extensive experience helping others break free from past hurts and traumas. They will be well prepared to engage in full-time pastoral ministry for personal and congregational care and these students may also qualify for ordination in some denominations.

A Master of Divinity with a major in Care & Counseling will:
-prepare students with a strong theological foundation for the pragmatic aspects of leadership in the church or other types of ministry settings;
-provide students for effective leadership across a broad range of ministry areas;
-equip students with a solid specialization in the area of Care & Counseling;
-qualify students for admission to doctorate-level studies such as a DMin or Ph.D.; and
-make students eligible for ordination in most denominations.