Agricultural Ministry

Agricultural Ministry

ACMin supports Agricultural Ministry as an important initiative to build unity among believers through a shared effort and as a way to serve our community.

The desert and the parched land will be glad; the wilderness will rejoice and blossom.  It will burst into bloom;  it will rejoice greatly and shout for joy. –Isaiah 35:1-2a

Who Can Participate?

  • Churches, community groups or individuals
  • Anyone interested in learning about farming and agriculture
  • Those interested in growing food to feed others

For more information on how YOU can participate, contact Steve Bridenbaugh at: or 706-248-0806.

Agricultural Ministry Program Goals

Athens College of Ministry serves as a “hub” for believers interested in learning to grow and helping provide food for God’s Kingdom.

Through Agricultural Ministry ACMin seeks to:

  • Unite churches and believers through a shared, relational effort
  • Grow food to help feed those in need
  • Teach believers how to steward God’s creation
  • Disciple others into a closer relationship with the Lord through His creation
  • Teach students farming as a missions tool
  • Restore wounded hearts through agriculture

Why Participate?

  • Shared expertise
  • Shared equipment
  • Shared labor
  • Shared relationships in Christ

 For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat. –Matthew 25:35a

The Agricultural Ministry Co-Op is an interdenominational group of Christians who serve God’s Kingdom in unity by growing and distributing food to those in need and by redeeming hearts and the land through agriculture; and who equip others to do the same—all for the glory of God.

How it Works
Area churches an community organizations make a commitment to participation in the Co-Op. Participation can include one or more of the following:
·         Use of 1/10 to ¼ acre of church property for a church garden or ¼ to 2 acres of property to grow row crops (e.g. corn, turnips, squash)
·         Identification of volunteer team(s) to help with field prep, planting, crop tending, and harvesting of own and other Co-Op members’ fields
·         Preparing meals and beverages to serve the workers on field work days
·         Selling a portion of the crops each harvest to the community for funds to perpetuate the program during subsequent growing seasons.

Each Co-Op church or organization will:
·         donate an initial “seed funding” of $100
·         Identify a lead contact person to attend 2 planning and praying meetings per year
The majority of crops grown will be donated to the Food Bank of NE GA for efficient distribution to those in need of food.

Growing the ACMin AG Min Program
During Phase 1, ACMin seeks to build membership in the AG Min Co-Op, develop a cooperative farming approach among believers for growing food, and help believers learn more about farming.
During Phase 2, ACMin will offer coursework and apprenticeship experiences for its students in the area of Agricultural Ministry and missions as the Co-Op continues to grow and thrive.
During Phase 3, ACMin will add the operation of a model farm used to teach a full suite of farming ministry skills, to raise food for the hungry, and to make a place for citizens in need of social rehabilitation to learn about Christ while learning to serve others through agriculture.

Become an AG Min Sponsor
You can help sponsor the AG Min effort with your donations such as:

  • Financial support to help purchase seeds, organic fertilizers and pesticides, etc.
  • Donate equipment or use of equipment

Contact Steve Bridenbaugh to support this ministry: