ACMin Student Testimonies

See below what our degree students are saying about their ministry preparation courses at ACMin!  Come study with us!

+The Prayer & Spiritual Direction course provided a weekly renewal of my mind and taught me the deep need to live desperately dependent on God in prayer.

+These past 2 ½ months have been the best learning experience of my life!

+The Hebrew course helped me to understand more of who God is; so vital to spiritual growth and simply growing in the knowledge and ways of God.

+The New Testament Survey course was very thorough and helped me to understand looking at the text from the perspective and audience to which it was written.

+Dr. Dan is an awesome, amazing instructor who really knows his stuff.  As a result of the evangelism course, I have decided to change my major from worship arts to Christian ministry with a focus on evangelism.  My eyes have been opened to the need for and methods of evangelism.

+Case Studies was my favorite course this semester because of the excellent, “real life” ministry perspective that we can actually use.  The course helped me to understand that not everyone in ministry will be “nice,” and that God has to be in control for ministry to be effective.  I’ve also come to understand how I will have to work with a great variety of people in ministry.

+The Spiritual Warfare course has had a huge impact on my life. Now I get the reality of the demonic spiritual realm, I understand the enemy’s schemes and the lies we come to believe.  It opened my eyes to a whole new level of faith and the goodness of God in the presence of the warfare.

+Understanding the process of sanctification really helped me learn about how I view the processes that the Lord uses in my life and shaped my personal concept of what a good discipleship model should look like.