ACMin Newsletter - November 2015

Where Is Your Focus?

Have you had the experience of driving a long road trip and a big, juicy bug hits your windshield right in your line of sight?  You try using the wipers and washers to get rid of it, but the bug smear just gets worse and you simply become annoyed at having to look at the road ahead through the mess. Our lives can seem that way. So often times there is a big life challenge that, if allowed, will draw our gaze to it—a financial struggle, a painful relationship issue, physical illness, shame, trauma, and even the over busyness of daily life.Personal and even world circumstances would like to completely occupy our line of sight, drawing all of our mental, emotional, and prayer energies to a focus on them if we allow them to. 

2 Corinthians 3:17-18 says, “But we all, beholding the glory of the Lord with unveiled faces, as in a mirror, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory by the Spirit of the Lord.”  As believers, we desire to bear Christ’s likeness.  In the passage above, we see that we become more like Him as we behold Him—as we fix our eyes on Him.  The enemy spares no effort to get our eyes off Jesus given that we miss an opportunity to be transformed into His likeness! Thank God that He promises to be our shield, our glory, and the lifter of our heads (Psalm 3:3).  As we daily take every burden to Him, He will redirect our gaze towards Him and give us His perspective on each and every struggle. We can only see a reflection in a mirror when we are properly aligned with it. In the same way we have to be looking at the Lord to see him and for His glory to be reflected in us.  In light of eternity, where are your eyes looking?  At your struggles or at the Lord? May He help us each day to do as Helen Lemmel wrote:

Turn your eyes upon Jesus,
Look full in His marvelous face,
And the things of Earth will grow strangely dim
In the light of His glory and grace
Our Lord is infinitely bigger and greater than any smear on the windshield of our lives. Who and what are you beholding today?

New Name for Our College!

The Athens School of Ministry & Worship Arts is officially the Athens College of Ministry as of early October 2015! 

Our founding Trustees established a goal of ensuring that the college would become fully accredited so that our prospective students can access dual enrollment (high school or college), federal grants (e.g. Pell Grants, G.I. Bill, etc.) as well as other benefits, and so that our graduates will have unlimited access to further postsecondary institutions.

This past summer, the Georgia Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission (GNPEC) awarded ASM&WA Full Authorization given that the institution meets Georgia's higher education standards.  GNPEC Full Authorization is an important and required step in the accreditaiton process and also permits us to use the word "college" in our name. Our next hurdle is to enter accreditation candidacy with the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (TRACS), a widely recognized undergraduate and graduate accreditation for Chistian colleges. In order to meet TRACS requirements, ACMin is prayerfully seeking a location where we can house our library plus adding full-time academic faculty to our existing leadership team.  

Many thanks to every person who has been a part of our journey thus far, and we thank you for your continued prayers and support!  May the Lord be glorified always as His saints become better equipped to shine His light in our world!


Enroll Now for ACMin Spring 2016!

Welcome prospective student! We can't wait to see you in the classroom! If you are thinking about enrolling here at ACMin for Spring 2016, keep in mind Applications for Admission are due November 15th.

Call us at 706-769-1472 to set up an appointment to visit a class or learn more about enrolling in the college. Also, visit these helpful links to answer some of your main questions: 

We are here to help you meet your ministry preparation goals!

Cindy Mackey, Director of ACMin's Transformational Prayer Center, teaches a workshop on 2-Way Prayer to members of Young Harris UMC.

Spring Lifelong Ministry Courses & Mobile Seminars

The Athens College of Ministry exists to help equp all believers with advanced Christian growth training, even if your goal is not to earn a Certificate or Degree!  Consider enrolling in one of our 15-week courses starting January 4th, 2016: 

* Hebrew classes will thoroughly enrich your understanding of scriptures.
* Monday night's Apologetics course will equip you to defend your beliefs in Christ.
* Spiritual Warfare on Wednesday evenings is packed with God's power!
* And there's much more: Church History, Christian Philosophy, Case Studies

Visit the Spring 2016 Lifelong Ministry course page today and register for a life-changing, deep dive into God's ways.  You can also contact ACMin at 706-769-1472 to host a Mobile Lifelong Ministry workshop at your church location as a way to share this transformative equipping more widely with your local church! Pictured left, Director of ACMin's Transformational Prayer Center Cindy Mackey teaches a workshop on "2-Way Prayer" to members of Young Harris United Methodist Church. We love it when church bodies take advantage of our highly qualified, passionately employed instructors! 

We hope to see you enrolled this coming spring!

Dr. Lee Mason Joins ACMin Academic Dean Committee

The Athens College of Ministry is pleased to welcome Dr. Lee Mason to our Academic Dean Committee

Dr. Mason is the Senior Pastor of Classic City Church and holds a Doctor of Ministry degree from Trinity International University.  As an interdenominational college, it’s vital that we maintain a rock solid biblical foundation to all that we are and all that we do. Dr. Mason and the other members of the ACMin Dean Committee - Dr. Dan Dunn, Dr. Ray Morris, and Dr. Carlos Sibley - are responsible for ensuring the theological integrity of the courses that we offer through our college in keeping with the ACMin Belief Statement.  

We are grateful to our Academic Dean Committee for their wise and godly leadership in all matters of theology! 

Concerts & Cook-offs - ACMin Stays Busy!

The month of October afforded ACMin some wonderful opportunities to interact with the community! 

Dr. Noel Tredinnick, London’s most well-known worship leader and conductor, fills massive events conducting the 100-piece All Souls Orchestra and a combined 500-voice mass choir at the All Souls Church in London, and fills the Royal Albert Hall each year for Prom Praise, an elegant extravaganza of worship to Our Lord. But mid-October, Dr. Tredinnick paid a visit to the Athens College of Ministry to lead a smaller crowd (Top Photo on Left) in exploring the lyrics of some of our favorite contemporary worship songs as well as some beloved traditional hymns. Dr. Tredinnick encouraged guests to focus more on the content of our praises and the recipient of our praises and less on our musical stylistic preferences.  What a joy to participate in song under Dr. Tredinnick’s leading! 

Two of our students, Tim Savelle and Valerie Blake, represented ACMin at the Covenant Care Adoption’s Annual Chili Cook-off, scooping up our “Heavenly Chili” to event participants, on Saturday, October 24th (Bottom Photo on Left). Many thanks to our awesome students for participating in this annual fundraiser and awareness event as Covenant Care Adoptions continues in their efforts to connect children in need of a family with loving parents. We love our community! 

Register Now for ACMin Prayer Conference

Do you experience true peace, abiding joy, and bold faith in your life? Woundedness and defeat often seem to rule in our hearts, our circumstances and our world  - but Christ already reigns in victory. 

It's time for a new perspective on the battle!

Mark your calendars to join the Athens College of Ministry on January 9, 2016 for our annual one-day prayer conference, New Year - New Heart, as we learn to pray victoriously and passionately in the revelation of God's love through which we are 'More than Conquerors' in every battle.

For more information or to register, visit

Mark Your 2016 Calendars!

One of our great joys at the Athens College of Ministry is creating opportunities for the community of believers in Northeast Georgia to gather together to pray, serve, worship, and teach. Mark your 2016 personal and church calendars today to join us in 2016!:

New Year-New Heart: A Day of Prayer 
January 9, 2016

ServeAthens ICN
March 26, 2016

Transformed! Conference -
June 10 & 11, 2016

                                                                                               * A.D.O.R.E.
                                                                                              Labor Day, September 5, 2016

Business Sponsors 2016

As we begin the behind the scenes work for next year's academic semester and events, we are so grateful to the local businesses and individuals who have taken part in the college throughout 2015 events: 

Platinum Sponsors
First Madison Bank & Trust 
Kohl's Cares
Chick Music

Gold Sponsors
Lucius J. Malcom, ChFC
Heyward Allen Toyota

Silver Sponsors
Simpson Chiropractic

Businesses who partner with us are an essential part of sharing the ministry of the Gospel with Athens and beyond through our community-facing events. Sponsors enjoy benefits like promotion at events and through the college's community, and 2016 sponsors will enjoy free admission to some of our key annual events: New Year - New Heart prayer conference, ServeAthens ICN service day, Transformed! conference, A.D.O.R.E. Labor Day worship event, and a Pastor's Appreciation event. 

Would you like to know more about how to become a 2016 Business Sponsor

Faculty Spotlight: Terris Thomas

Professor Terris Thomas, an elder, Youth Leader and Director of Christian Education at Timothy Baptist Church, has recently joined our faculty in order to teach a "Talents & Spiritual Gifts" course alongside Dr. Marcia Wilbur. Her testimony and influence are already so powerfully affecting our students that we can't wait to share it with you! 

Thomas watched her mother murdered when she was 3 years old. 

"I had a lot of trauma as a child and held a lot of pain in my heart," said Thomas. Raised in church by her Aunt, Thomas grew up hearing about "this guy called Jesus who heals hearts. I missed my mom and knew I could see her if I went to heaven. So, early on, I had a significant prayer life, but I was only focused on begging God to heal my heart and let me go to heaven to see my mom."

Searching for love, family and identity, Thomas married at 19 and moved to Germany with her military husband where she was invited to Bible Study by a military wife. "She told me 'Terris, take the Lord with you everywhere you go.' As I began to study the Word, I actually liked it," said Thomas. "It became so real! I saw Jesus walking by the Sea of Galilee and talking to the disciples."

It was there that Thomas even began falling in love with praise. "When we moved to Athens, we came to a church that was full of praise," said Thomas of Timothy Baptist Church.

Thomas was studying social work at UGA when she was encouraged by one of the ministers at Timothy to go to Bible College. "I discovered that Christian education was one of my strengths and talents." She went on to earn a B.A. in Biblical Studies at Beaulah Heights and then a Masters in Christian Education from Luther Rice Seminary. Seeing the need in her community's youth, Thomas went back to school again to earn a Masters in Youth Development at Clemson University. 

Thomas pursued the Athens College of Ministry in the Spring about expanding and enriching the educational program for ministers in training at Timothy Baptist Church. "I'm thankful to God for the partnership that is being birthed between ACMin and Timothy," said Thomas. "The mission of the college totally connects with our church's mission."

As Timothy expands their Christian Education programs, a partnership with ACMin gives their passionate ministers in training the access to this spiritual training and application right here in Athens instead of traveling to Atlanta for the same training. 

"I love when the Word is made clear to people, young and old, especially for the purpose of living it out. Talents and spiritual gifts is the first course we are offering to our ministers in training, and co-teaching with Dr. Wilbur is helping me as well," said Thomas.  "I am a seed planted in healthy soil and I am still growing." 

Professor Thomas lives in Athens with her husband of 28 years who is a Chief Master Sergeant in the Air Force. The Thomases have 2 children, a 28 year old son living in Pensacola and a 21 year old daughter attending University of West Georgia. 

Join the Athens Prayer Watch

Join more than a hundred other believers in Athens as we faithfully participate in the Athens Prayer Watch, a 3-month journey to stir up the prayers of Athens believers. Believers can sign up for 30-minute prayer "slots" that they will cover weekly from November-January. You can pray from wherever you are and participate by posting on Athens Prayer Network's Facebook as well as attending monthly "Prayer Watch Training Events." Check out Athens Prayer Network for more details.  

ACMin Connect Page

Check out the ACMin Connect Page for other ministry opportunities including:
  • Discipleship training conference hosted by the Launch
  • Healing Prayer at St. James
  • Christian Community Job openings
  • Much more!