New Year - New Heart: More Than Conquerors

Do you experience true peace, abiding joy and bold faith in your life? Woundedness and defeat often seem to rule in our hearts, our circumstances and our world - but Christ already reigns in victory.  

It's time for a new perspective on the battle!

Join the Athens College of Ministry on January 9, 2016 for our annual prayer conference, New Year - New Heart, as we learn to pray victoriously and passionately in the revelation of God's love through which we are More than Conquerors in every battle.

2015 Campaign for Growth

Make history with us as we embark on our 2015 inaugural campaign for growth together! There are three ways to support God's work at ACMin:

- The 2015 Annual Fund: $200k goal
- The Capital Project Campaign: $1.85M Goal
- Legacy Gifts: $2M Goal

For full details on how you can partner with the ACMin, click here

Overcome Struggles Through Prayer Ministry

At the ACMin Prayer Ministry Center, teams of trained and experienced prayer ministers stand ready to serve you in a safe, confidential, and welcoming environment as you seen victory over struggles with anger, unforgiveness, fear, stress, anxiety, trauma, sexual sins, depression or any other undesired behaviors and thought patterns. Prayer ministry opens the door for Christ's work of freeing you from any hindrances in obeying God, relating to Him, experiencing true peace and becoming all that He created you to be. 

Don't wait another day to seek the Father for inner healing and peace - Make an appointment today!

Equipping heads and hearts to serve as His hands and feet

Enrolling Now for Summer and Fall 2015

Considering a Certificate or degree in ministry? Those interested in applying are encouraged to visit the Admissions page for further information. Call ACMin today @ 706.769.1472 to make an appointment and find out how to fulfill your calling to frontline ministry. 

Be Part of the ACMin Mission & Vision

Ministry is for ALL believers.  Share in the ACMin impact through your participation in several ways:

ACMin TV Spotlight!

ACMin's Chief Education Officer, Dr. Marcia Wilbur, and Senior Director of Ministry Outreach, Mr. Jeff Renn, were invited to appear on the television program, Babbie's House. Click here to see the ACMin interview as well as remarkable musical worship by both Babbie Mason and Jeff Renn!

Open Positions @ ACMin
We are currently accepting applications for a full-time Academic Chairman of the Christian Ministry Program as well as a half-time Administrative Assistant.  Click here for the job descriptions and information on how to apply!